Stock purchasing

There are various reasons that companies have excess stock. Whatever the reason let Hopite’s reverse logistic operations be the solution to turn your surplus stock into liquid funds and free up space in your warehouse. We offer a customised solution to purchase overstock, returns and liquidated assets from various locations to ensure the highest quality items are sourced. All stock can be de-branded and data wiped with appropriate certification if necessary.

We provide a prompt and efficient stock clearance service and can clear your stock fast with immediate action and payment. Bulk stock consignments are our speciality but small consignments are also purchased with the same professionalism.

Stock we Purchace.

  • General 
  • Surplus 
  • Salvage 
  • Abandoned 
  • Excess 
  • Mail order 
  • Liquidated 
  • Bankrupt 
  • Unwanted Returns
  • Insurance salvage
  • Plant and Machinery

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